Constantinos Zambirinis

Constantinos Zambirinis

Constantinos Zambirinis, MD, MRes


My previous research has focused on tumor immunology and the interplay between immune cells and other components of the tumor stroma in promoting of pancreatic carcinogenesis. I am currently expanding on that work by investigating the changes occuring in distant organs prior to the occurence of metastasis. In particular, I’m studying how tumor-derived soluble factors can influence the liver to generate “pre-metastatic niches” that support engraftment of circulating tumor cells. Working together with other members of our group, we aim to devise novel ways to detect these processes early on, in order to predict which patients will develop metastasis in certain organs, and treat them accordingly.

Funding Info:

MSKCC Center for Metastasis Research Fellowship (11/2016-10/2018).


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