Sharon Lawrence

Sharon Lawrence

Sharon Lawrence, MD


I came to the HPB department in July 2016 to focus on pancreas cancer research. To date, I have completed a study examining the outcomes of long-term surveillance of pancreas cysts. We have demonstrated that after 5 years of surveillance, both stable (those without radiographic changes) and unstable cysts can still go on to experience radiographic progression, cross-over to resection, and progression to cancer. I am currently working on studies evaluating the use of quantitative imaging to predict progression of premalignant pancreas cysts to overt malignancy. In addition to these studies, I am conducting a study to evaluate our rates of surgical site infection after Whipple operation, which will be followed by implementation of a perioperative bundle to determine if we can reduce the rate of infections. Prior to my stint at MSKCC, I completed two years of general surgery residency at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson. I am a graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and completed my undergraduate studies at MIT.


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